Podcast: Why Statecraft Won’t Solve the Climate Crisis

In this episode, we speak with a member of the Black Rose Anarchist Federation, about the increasing threat of climate change, growing State repression against protest, new activist formations such as Extinction Rebellion, and legislative proposals such as the “Green New Deal.” Is there hope in the State being able to legislate the climate crisis away, or should humanity instead look towards building a material force through social movements as a means of ensuring survival in the coming decades?

Throughout this conversation we ask:

  • How should autonomous anti-capitalists and anarchists approach new formations such as Extinction Rebellion and the Climate Strike and push them in anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, and direct action orientation?
  • How can this new wave of energy feed into existing front line land defense and anti-pipeline struggles?
  • What should our stance be towards things like the Green New Deal?
  • How can we use the memory of struggles like Standing Rock to hammer home anti-statist, anti-colonial, and anti-capitalist ideas?